177 Days of What? About the 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Numbers seem to capture an audience. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days;” the “Julie & Julia ”365-day, 524-recipe challenge that recently hit the box office; the eerily profound movie, “7;” “(500) Days of Summer;” do I need to go on? We are a culture obsessed with numbers: numbers on the scales; number of days guaranteed to lose that holiday weight with the newest get-fit-quick scams (I’ll explain the scams part later); lucky numbers, wrong numbers; number of zeros in our salaries; numerology charts that reveal our ideal love match. If you look around, numbers speak the all American language that most are familiar with, adhere to, and follow…the language that numbers equal progress. My goal with numbers is also progress, but of a different kind. I will be throwing one more set of digits into the sea of infinite numbers: 177. One hundred and seventy-seven ( if you are a journalist as I am, you know the very well-known rule about NOT starting sentences with numbers; of which I have happily ignored). These are the number of days that I will be sharing tidbits of knowledge and insight about health. Now, first things first. This will not, in any way, be another version of AOL’s Health Tip of the Day. Instead, I will share the expansion that occurs when health is seen…unexpectedly.  My goal: to expand our views (including my own) of health and what it means to be healthy, vibrantly living human beings. I will begin my project on Thursday, January 7, 2010, and will conclude on Friday, July 2, 2010. There are numerous (no pun intended) reasons for the numbers I have chosen. First, the number 7 has always been what I call my lucky number. It was my volleyball jersey number throughout high school and college. I later discovered that my Enneagram number is 7, and in Taoist astrology, my birth sign (1978, the year of the Earth Horse) is the seventh earthly branch in the twelve branch cycle. Maybe 7 has always been more than just a lucky number for me. Of course, there are 7 days in the week, which is indicative of my personality; that my mind is always at work-7 days a week. With the number 7 infiltrating my world, I felt it only right to include 7 in my project. Now, 777 days would have been way too long; 77 days would have been too short. So, I settled for 177. And here comes the real irony of this all–as I counted the days from start to finish (after I had already settled on my number of days), my 177th day of unexpected health insight will fall on my one and only brother’s birthday. Talk about significance. I gladly welcome any and all comments that contribute to the healthFUL insights I will share. Remember…health can come in the most peculiar of packages. The more we progress and expand, the more health we will inevitably experience.

-Until tomorrow, Jaime

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