Wrapping up the 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Eating with the ‘Fork in the Road’

I didn’t really know what to expect when I embarked on this 177-day journey. I had no idea if I would even finish it. But something inside me kept writing. Even on nights when I got home late, had a few glasses of wine (those of you ‘lucky’ early birds saw my wine-induced typos), I remained dedicated to the journey; to the stories I wanted to share. There were a lot of stories…

Let’s see: I lost my dog, I painted my office (and have now painted another one); I went on trips both in the sky and by car; I celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements with friends. I was humbled, I was a ‘loser’, I went out to eat; I got ‘high,’ I said NO, I let go; I danced, I anticipated, I waited. I talked about my mom, my dad, my brother, my friends, and my “family,” both here and in Heaven. I squabbled on and on about my dog, I was moved by the metaphors of my cats; I was wrong, I was inspired…I was changed. I feel like I just started this writing journey, and yet at the same time, I feel like I have been preparing for this project my whole life…it’s just finally in print.

My goal when envisioning this journey was that I would be forced to change my eyewear; to put on a new pair of lenses in which to see the world; to view my surroundings with a set of expansive eyes; to be awake to the energy around me. More importantly, I wanted to share my vision of health…my view of well-being that is numberless, timeless, and at times, effortless. Sometimes, a perspective change is the most healthFUL metamorphosis we can go through. Oftentimes, it’s all we’ve got to work with.

I have not worn my ‘corrective lenses’ throughout this entire journey. There have been days when my perspective was foggy…and I anticipate those days indefinitely. But what has changed is that I am acutely aware of the health I facilitate or negate from myself. I quite consciously make the choices to create and sustain health in my life…and I am aware when I am not taking care of myself or caring for the humans and the world around me.

My journey does not end here…neither should yours. Just because my project will not be inundating your email Inbox on a daily basis does not mean that your health inquiries should cease. You have been following along not because of my humbling stories, my quirky anecdotes, or my soapbox confessions, but because you too are curious. You, like me, are searching for meaning in this lifetime. So whatever the reason may be for your searching, remember that this life goes fast…just like these 177 days did. We cannot sit back and repeat the same patterns over and over again. It is time for a new perspective, a new vision of health, and a new story. Open your eyes to the health that surrounds you. Look for it in the moments, not the monumental, “Wows” in life. Health may come in the fireworks of this upcoming holiday…but more often, it comes wrapped in the tradition of the festivities. So the next time you are gazing up at the sky during a fireworks show, take a look around and see who’s beside you. As the fireworks light up the sky, remember that the people next to you help light up your world. –Until the next journey, Jaime

If you squint your eyes only then can you see, that below is a place for comments to leave.

One thought on “Wrapping up the 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

  1. This is it! And now for the next chapter in your life…. I am thrilled to see what the next challenge brings…….

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