Day 111 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

You Won’t Find “Doubting Thomas” on the Dr. Oz Show

I should buy stock in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. I really love looking up the meaning of commonly used words…sometimes I want to make sure I’m spelling them correctly; other times, I like to make sure I am using the word correctly in a sentence. But most times, I like to delve into the meaning of words; to pull them apart, dissect them a bit, and then of course, try and discover the health that can be extracted from a word that may very well seem quite unhealthy. Today’s word of the day is: doubt. After researching this particular form of a verb and having a always humbling experience with doubt, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…no mystery here…doubt.

When we doubt, we are assuming that the likelihood of something happening is nil. Essentially, we lack the faith in other people, in fate, and in a greater purpose for our life. I don’t think I need to point out the the unhealthiness of this form of “stinking thinking,” as my mom likes to say. But, the Unexpected Health that should ease our fears is that doubt is pointless worry…and being able to eliminate unnecessary worry in our lives in healthy.

Doubt could be synonymous with stress, and stress is absolutely correlated with ill health. More often than not, our doubt is a futile use of the brain cells and stress hormones we use up when we think something will not work out. When I found myself doubting today, I immediately felt a heightened sense of anxiousness and anger. I began thinking about the conversation I was going to have, the points I was going to make, and the actions I was going to take to remedy the so-called problem. Well, as you can imagine, there was no conversation, no point to be made, and actually, no problem. My doubt was completely unjustified and uncalled for.

We waste a lot of our time and energy on situations that never happen, conversations we never have, and anger we didn’t need…all because we doubt. But, as we become more aware of the pointless act of doubting, we empty our minds of garbage (doubt, fear, distrust), and allow ourselves to be filled with potential. Having doubt limits our possibilities for our unique creative expression n this world. So the next time you doubt a person, a situation or circumstance, leave the doubt at the door. Focus less on what MAY or MAY NOT happen, and instead, keep facing forward, knowing that as you keep walking this life with your faith shoes on, you have, “nothing to fear but the fear itself.” -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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