Day 113 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Unplanned Healthcare

I am, what you call, a planner. I am obsessively organized, highly cognizant of time, and extremely aware of schedules. My favorite iPhone app is not Bump, not VoiceMemo, not Pandora Radio…it’s the comes-with-the-phone calendar. My life revolves around the ‘dings’ of my iPhone calendar reminders. I even have a daily reminder to write this blog…as if I would forget. But tonight, as I had an unplanned, unscheduled, and un-dinged dinner date with one of my favorite people, I, actually we, discovered the Unexpected Health that pours onto us…with unpredictability.

Let me set the scene: first of all, I was scheduled to do a 6 mile run today. My very-planned but not always followed training calendar indicated what my evening  should have looked like. But then, an unexpected surprise came: a dinner invitation. So, I bagged the run and opted for a walk downtown with one of my best friends for some delectable Mexican food. As we walked, we felt the sunshine on our faces, prompting the need for sunglasses. We sat at a great little table and gabbed away…so healthy for so many reasons. We got the check, paid the bill, and headed for the door, ready to start our trek back to the house. But as soon as we opened the door, we noticed that our sunny weather had turned to a monsoon evening (aka, it was pouring!). Not only was it raining “like cats and dogs” (I always wonder about this saying…what would it feel like to rain like cats and dogs?), the rain was enhanced by a forceful wind that made the raindrops slap your face and sting your eyeballs as you walked. There we were: me with a thin, cotton shirt and no jacket and my friend with a hoodless jacket…obviously, no umbrellas.

Enter Unexpected Health. As we stood under the awning, wondering who we could call to pick us up and drive us home while laughing at the craziness of this California night, I realized how unpredictably humorous life can be…and finding the ‘lightness’ in life is healthy.

Life can be very heavy sometimes. Our lives can be inundated with stressors, hardships, sadness, and loss. These are sad experiences to deal with, live with, and function with. Sometimes I think God (or whatever Higher Being you believe in) uses humor, randomness and unpredictability to keep us sane. Our unpredictable weather caused a chain reaction of laughter among those who didn’t prepare, didn’t schedule, didn’t plan for the evening’s forecast. And because of that, we experienced health…with laughter. So the next time you have the opportunity to be spontaneous, last minute, and unplanned, do it! Life is too short to be so regimented, so live on the edge a little…because in the edges, we find our growth; and our health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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