Day 114 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Unplugging the Earplugs toward Health

This post is dedicated to all the light sleepers out there. That’s right, the ones who travel with ear plugs, who require absolute stillness in the night, and for those who absolutely cannot share a room with a less-than-quiet snoozer. While you may lay awake at night, cursing the noisy loved one snuggling next to you, I have an Unexpected Health insight to share with you. This remedy requires no NyQuil, no Tylenol PM, and no other sleep aids. The only prescription this aid needs is a change of perspective; discovering that there is Unexpected Health…in snoring.

Now, let me first say that I am actually referring to those listeners of the snoring, not the snorer themselves. I have quite a few friends who complain of their loved ones’ (aka their boyfriends or husbands…why is it that snoring seems like a male-dominant trait?!) snoring keeps them up at night; that they have disrupted sleep because of their significant other’s overwhelming intake of air throughout the night. Although one’s sleep patterns may be temporarily compromised, having a snorer in your life is actually a healthy reminder that you are not alone…and knowing (and hearing!) that you are not alone is healthy.

As I laid in bed tonight, typing away in the silence of the night, I heard a small, muffled snore coming from the side of my bed. I looked to my right and curled up in her oversized, fit-for-a-queen bed was my dog, Lucca. Her little carob chip-eyebrowed face was smooshed into the side of her bed and out of her caramel outlined mouth that makes her look like she’s smiling, was a faint snore. I couldn’t help but smile…here was this little sacked-out dog, snoring the night away. What a life!

Snorers can be annoying, especially if you are a light sleeper. But when you hear a snore, it means you have ‘a someone:’ they may have two legs, they may have four; but what matters is that in the quietness of nighttime, when people oftentimes feel alone–even when surrounded by others–a healthy snore can jilt your memory, reminding you that you are not alone after all. That deep, sometimes obnoxious intake of air, can be the healthiest “song to your ear” because at that moment, you know you are surrounded by another. So the next time you feel the overwhelming need to reach for your earplugs, or plug the nose of the culprit (that is so mean!), remember that the snorer next to you…is next to you. You are not alone. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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