Day 117 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

New York State of Health

As the Billy Joel song goes, we could learn a few things by having a, “New York state of mind.” We Californians (and the West Coast in general) are considered ‘softies’ compared to a harsh-tongued, thick-skinned New Yorker. I think there are even warning labels on inbound flights landing at JFK Airport: “Warning: Extreme Honesty Spoken Here.” Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but the tell-it-like-it-is mentality is something us West Coasters could practice little more. Because today, after hearing about a NY-style encounter in a CA parking lot, I discovered the wildly Unexpected Healthiness that rolls off your tongue…when you tell it like it is!

Now as always, there are obvious reasons that speaking our truth is healthy: when you speak your mind (in love, of course), you experience the freedom that truth lends itself; speaking up allows for deeper communication between friends and loved ones; and opening your mouth and letting a little reality fly out empowers ourselves to accept nothing but excellence–health–from another. But the Unexpected Health in telling it like it is, is that when we are able to speak brutal honesty, we create accountability in the human race…and keeping each other focused on the rightness in this world is healthy.

I heard the most hilarious story today. It was a story about a person who refused to stand by and allow a human to act and treat another human in an unhealthy way. The double dose of health that this story and this stance enriched my day with was that this person used humor in order to elicit that “wake up call” for another (see Day 68 for the Unexpected Health in wake up calls!). So, not only did this human refuse to accept unhealthy behavior, they received a bonus bout of health with the laughter they burst out in when telling their story to me…and you KNOW I enjoyed the health benefits of laughter when I heard the tale! One honest statement spoken + two laughing outbursts when storytelling = a mouthful of health!

We owe it to each other to keep one another accountable in this life. It’s not enough to slap a motivational bumper sticker on the back of our cars (although they are incredibly healthy too!)…we have to embody our convictions and hold others to the standard that all humans should be held to. Sometimes, a little reality check is exactly what we need, whether a close friend tells us or a complete stranger (in this case, it was a complete stranger). So the next time you feel led to demand the most out of another human, do it! Speak your truth, in love, and if possible, use humor. You just never know what sort of healthFUL effect you may have on another when you gently (or harshly)…tell it like it is. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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