Day 119 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Filling up the Tank on Health

Do you ever feel resentful when you have to bend over backwards for people? You know, the people very accurately deemed, “high maintenance?” I have had encounters with people like this time and time again, as we all have. I can get very annoyed having to jump through hoops and go out of my way for people who constantly need that extra attention. But today, as I went out of my way to deliver a package to a deliquiently-paying tenant who doesn’t even rent from us anymore, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…taking the long way home.

The Dixie Chicks have a great song that talks about, “Taking the Long Way Around.” They speak about the benefits of going about life the long way: approaching life differently than the average person, dreaming with your eyes open, and living your life’s potential…whatever that looks like. I have always felt like I have taken the long way: I had numerous jobs while some of my friends found their career right away; I have dated a few fellas while others have been married for years. But today, I realized that for me, it has not only been essential to take the “long way around” in my life, but it is healthFUL to take the long way home as well.

Let’s get back to the package: I have been sitting here staring at this brownish-colored manila envelope for over a week now. I called the tenant so they could come pick it up and day after day, it sat here. Annoyed at having to go out of my way to call yet again, I picked up the phone, dialed, and after a quick conversation and to my surprise, was told that this tenant had cancer.

Sometimes I think we are pushed to go out of our way because we are guided to someplace, for someone. I was able to see this tenant today, tell her that I was praying for healing, and offer any words of encouragement that I could. I could tell she needed a “friend,” even though we have never really been friends. She needed a listening ear, a caring supporter, even a package deliverer. Yes, this delivery was out of my way, but I needed to be “in her way,” crossing her path today.

You never know how your day being inconvenienced might overwhelmingly enhance another. So the next time you are asked or feel led to go out of your way for someone else, do it. Because although you may be required to take the long way home, your extra miles can create health for others…as you travel toward a more healthFUL you as well. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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