Day 121 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Drive-In to Health

Looking back over these past 121 days, I am baffled that I have failed to mention the many health benefits of what I’m doing right now. Imagine: after a week of work, you come home on Friday, make dinner, and nestle in for a night of relaxation–of Unexpected Health–while watching movies.

There are lots of healthy aspects to watching movies: being able to relax and watch a good flick is a great excuse to have an often much needed mindless evening; getting lost in the punch lines of a comedy can lift your spirits after a less-than healthFUL week; and watching movies is a perfect reason to enjoy a little crunchy popcorn…and chomping on these little puffs of deliciousness is a known tension-reliever. But the Unexpected Health that occurs when you press ‘Play’ on your DVD player is that watching movies allows you to enter a world of fun-filled, inspirational stories…and being inspired by the storylines of both real life individuals and well-written fictional characters is healthy.

Sometimes we need to ‘check out;’ we need to think about something other than our own lives or just nothing at all. Movies give us permission to get lost in the lives which may or may not be realistic (mostly NOT realistic!); serendipitous encounters, over-the-top engagements, and in-your-wildest-dreams made into reality. But no matter how impractical or unrealistic movies can be, their stories can give us hope and expectations beyond our wildest dreams.

As I have said before, life can be heavy, stressful and full of ups and downs. So the next time you have, “one of those weeks,” pop in a good chick-flick, action film, or drama…it may be exactly what you need to feel a little inspiration; a little health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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