Day 122 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Ordering a Side of Health

I’m pretty sure at this point, all my readers know how obviously and unexpectedly healthy being with friends is. In nearly all of my posts, I have discovered the ‘health insight of the day’ when surrounded by those I care about. That is because friends play such a pivotal role in our lives; they help shape who we are, encourage us to become who we should be, and help us forget about who we are not. But today, after a long run with friends, I realized that there is Unexpected Health to be had…in take-out.

Now you might be wondering what take-out food and friends have in common? I began talking about friends and then decided to order up a round of confusion and talk about take-out food! Let me explain: ordering take-out gives us permission to take a short sabbatical from cooking (healthy? Yes!); ordering from the to-go menu allows for a night at home minus the dishes (definitely healthy); and dinner in a box allows for more time to relax after a long day. But the Unexpected Health in take-out is that when you order in, you get unfiltered, unfluffed and un-dazzled time with your friends…and having a night of PJs, playoff games and pasta is always healthy!

Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can absolutely have your ‘cake’ (in our case, Italian food!) and eat it too. My two close friends and I really wanted to hang out together tonight. But, none of us felt like getting dressed up to go wait our turn for a dinner table, and then cram ourselves into a place to watch the Sharks game. So, we brought our desires home. We ordered take-out, turned on the game, and sat together, watching some hockey, eating some yummy food, and best of all, had lots of time for connection.

Take-out food is always a healthFUL opportunity to allow for connection, especially if you don’t want to go OUT to do it. As I’ve said before (which I wish I had invented), “You have to go in to go out.” This is so true. We all need to be in the comforts of our own home, our own worlds, and our own skin in order to be out in this world. And sometimes, we need to be in, surrounded by our friends, in order to recharge and re-enter our environment. So the next time you want to be surrounded and connected but have no desire to dazzle up yourself for a night on the town, consider a night IN with good friends and a great take-out menu the greatest plate of ‘health’ food you could buy. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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