Day 125 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

The Healthiest Vitamin on the Block: Emergen-C

Let me start off by saying that I’m not talking about the packets of fizzy powder used to combat the common cold. Although they do tend to make me feel better when I’m a little under the weather, today’s health insight is not about a food, a supplement, or any vitamin for that matter. Instead, as I was called for a matter of immediate assistance, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…emergencies.

But allow me to clarify: I am in no way referring to life threatening emergencies that can change your life in the blink of an eye. I would never make light of such seriousness. What I mean by emergencies are those instances when you go from zero to panic in less than 5 seconds (if you need a reminder, see Day 10). You know what I am talking about; your heart rate jumps to a dangerous systolic/diastolic ratio; you feel your breath quicken, your palms become sweaty, and overall, you feel anything BUT healthy. Your body goes into a “fight or flight response” mode, even if the emergency turns out to be less than an immediate call to action.

However, through all of the panic, sweat and distress, a response to an emergency can prompt a lightning-quick reality check…and being faced with reality at a sense-of-urgency-rate is healthy.

The near-panicked phone call I received turned me from ‘cool and collected’ to ‘fast and furious.’ I rushed down to the salon to make sure it was not flooding due to a shampoo bowl malfunction (oh, the large learning curve of running a business). After the “emergency” was under control, I realized that I was rushed down there because I needed to be there.

Sometimes, non-threatening emergencies are healthy “pushes” in life. Having a fast-reaction circumstance occur forces us to places and people we may have otherwise procrastinated going to and interacting with. I never NOT want to go to the salon (well, unless there is some monstrous problem that I have no idea how to solve!), but I wasn’t planning on being down there at the exact moment my emergency forced me to. But once I was there, I happened to be perfectly timed so that I had a chance to talk one-on-one with many stylists who typically go whizzing by me in between clients. What a wonderfully Unexpected time to be interacting, connecting, and communicating with the girls.

We don’t always know why we are forcibly pushed in one direction or another. So the next time you are called to respond to some sort of life ’emergency’ (whether that word was used properly or not), consider your reaction a potential for discovering some healthy insights. You may be pushed toward a ‘fire’ in life, but you may be given the opportunity to turn on the ‘hose’ and ignite health instead of fuel the flame. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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