Day 126 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

‘Sign’ing Up for Health

It has come to the point in my journey when I am required to look back in my “177 Days of Unexpected Health” folder for daily reminders of what I have already talked about. Yes, I have written on so many ‘health’ topics that I am forgetting what I have covered and what I have left out. When I first started this project, I knew what I had discussed. But now, 126 days later, I can barely remember what I wrote about last week, let alone last month! So today, after I double-checked that I haven’t already discussed this, I discovered the vast amount of Unexpected Health that stares us in the face…with signs.

I can hardly believe that I have failed to cover this topic. Signs, those red, yellow, and green-colored metal objects that tell us drivers what to do, where to stop, when to go, and how to drive. What would we do without signs (besides get less tickets?!)? We would live in a much more dangerous driving world without signs, that’s for sure! Signs are extremely advantageous for our health on the highways; they are protective little indicators of what we need to do to remain the safest we can be on the roads; they provide common laws for all to abide by; and signs maintain vehicle flow with safe speed limits. But the Unexpected Health found in signs is that these oftentimes bright-colored pieces of knowledge that stick out from the ground are constant reminders of how easy decisions can be we when our eyes are ‘open’…and making our lives a little easier is healthy.

Let me explain: I am not saying that life is easy or that the decisions we make (or don’t make) are no big deal. They’re not. Life is not that black and white…or easy, for that matter! But sometimes, what we should DO or NOT DO in life can be as easy as, “Stop,” “Slow Down,” or even “Caution: Pedestrian Xing” (which by the way, I don’t even want to disclose how long it took me to figure out what ‘Xing’ meant!).

There are times in our life when we need to slow down…or stop for that matter. As I’ve said before, life can be crazy. So sometimes, a visual reminder to do what we need to do–like stop!–is healthy. Other times, we need to be made aware of our surroundings (say, to watch out for pedestrians walking by). In the craziness of life, we can get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget to pay attention to the world–or the walkers–in front of us. So the next time you come across a sign on the side of the road, read it. Read between the lines. You just never know what avenue, what sign, or what form may be directing you. We can be guided by just about anything in life…and sometimes our ‘signs’ are as obvious as just that. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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