Day 127 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Trimming Away the Unhealthy Fat

I was not born with the greenest of thumbs. Well, let me re-phrase that: I may have a green thumb but never took the time to nurture a yard, a garden, even a small indoor potted plant! But as I grow “in” (or older, but growing in sounds much better!), I have found my love of creating beauty with a manicured landscape. And today, as I trimmed my finally full-blooming climbing roses, I discovered the metaphorical, Unexpected Health in…pruning.

Now, for both plant and human species, pruning has many obvious health benefits: doing a little trimming allows for new growth to sprout; cutting the dead plant remains removes ugliness from an otherwise vision of beauty; and clipping away provides necessary nourishment for all things that thrive. But the Unexpected Health in pruning is that as you watch a plant flourish after being freed from unnecessary ‘weight,’ you can find solace that you too will flourish from trimming away the unneeded in your life…and watching how cutting away creates health is healthy.

I watched as leaning, seemingly lifeless roses perked up as soon as I pruned away the ‘life suckers;’ those dead branches, roses and leaves that suck the vitality out of any plant. But roses aren’t the only species vulnerable to these ‘suckers of life;’ humans are constantly surrounded and susceptible to such varieties. Have you ever let go of someone in your life and immediately (or shortly thereafter) felt lighter…literally? I have. My life path has encountered a few of these people; individuals who demand oxygen, energy, and vitality that suck me dry.

Just as we can visually see a rose bush flourish by pruning away what is no longer needed, we too will feel and see the health benefits of cutting free of those people who are ‘life suckers.’ If you are wondering who these people are, simply pay attention to those people who, when you leave their presence, you feel depleted, exhausted and sucked dry. Those are the suckers.

It is not to say that we are always going to feel wonderfully healthy and energetic in life; but if you pay attention long enough, you will recognize the ones who, more often than not, leave you feeling zapped of all vitality. These are the people who, if you used your clippers and did a bit of pruning, you would feel your energy, your passion, and your zest for life return. So the next time you are around someone and feel depleted, pay attention. Remember how you feel around them most times and act accordingly. Just because we love someone does not mean we are meant to have them in our lives forever. Sometimes, the most healthFUL thing we can do is a bit of trimming. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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