Day 129 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

CardSTOCKED with Health

I am a sucker for inspiration books. I have piles of flip-through pages of motivating sayings, mind-blowing stories, and amazing analogies. There cannot be too many of these small, often square-shaped compilations of change in my house. And today, after under-appreciating a franchise for years, I discovered the vast amount of Unexpected Health stuffed into the envelopes…in a Hallmark store.

Now, I don’t really know if there are still a lot of Hallmark stores around. I am using “Hallmark” as a blanket name for card stores. Anyway, I have found myself more often than not, leaving a Hallmark store with a tinge of irritation. “Okay, that’ll be $15.78.” What? For two birthday cards? It is so easy for me to find the ill-favor–the sickness–in the prices of a good old anniversary, sympathy, or birthday card. But what I have failed to give credit to, what has been the ‘home’ of inspirational books everywhere, is that Hallmark stores stock themselves with inspiration–with health–and knowing the ‘hot spots’ for a health re-charge is healthy.

Think about it: where is one of the first places you think to go when you are looking for a meaningful gift? My guess is that Walmart does not pop into your mind (or maybe it does?!). Hallmark stores have it all; they have glass apples that say “#1 Teacher” for teacher appreciation week; they have statues of mothers and children for Mother’s Day; and of course, they are stocked to the brim with inspirational books, plaques, and coffee mugs (see Day 11 for a refresher on the health aspects of coffee mugs!). These are all used as wonderfully healthy reminders of our unique contribution to this world…ourselves.

Our world needs more of these inspirational storefronts. We have plenty of dis-ease promoting reminders; take for example, our beauty magazines, which only make people feel ugly (quoted from the pages of one of my favorite inspirational books, “Wear Sunscreen”). We need to shift focus away from all of the things we “aren’t” to a focus of how wonderfully complete we all are. We need supportive environments that praise our unique gifts, our contributions, and our grace. So the next time you feel the need for a little extra TLC, check out your local Hallmark store or ma-and-pa card shop. You never know what sort of inspiration, motivation, and health may be awaiting your visit in the center aisle. And if you see one of these inspirational books that speaks to you, support the author and buy it…because maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a, “177 Days of Unexpected Health Project,” propped in the display case of a Hallmark store near you. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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