Day 130 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Pushing out the Parameters

I am surrounded by motivation in my life. As you now know, my decor consists of a lot of color and even more inspiration (remember yesterday’s post?). I have found (and I have read over and over again) that in order to become what you are intended to become, daily reminders are vital to your expansion; hence, the countless motivational sayings that grace my walls, fridge, and dishware. But today, after attending a transformational workshop, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in mentors.

Now, I find it hard to say anything unhealthy about mentors. These thought-provoking, inspiring, and expansive individuals are encouragers for our lives; they help flush out our gifts, guiding us toward the most healthFUL directions; and of course, mentors are people we can look to for strength when we feel too ‘small’ to elicit big change. But the Unexpected Health in mentors is that these people push us around…and surprisingly, being pushed around is healthy.

First and foremost, please do not get confused with the health benefits of being pushed around. Of course it is not healthy to be accosted by someone. But when we are flexible enough–moldable–we can be healthfully pushed toward health…and mentors are the perfect people for the pushing job.

It is easy to get stuck in the ‘story;’ you know, that old song-and-dance that we unconsciously tell ourselves; the story that keeps us stifled from experiencing greatness? We all have them. Some have stories about never being successful; others create stories about never living up to expectations; some have a paperback about their inability to ever be loved or get what they want. These are fictional accounts of limitations we create for ourselves. They are not true and are not who we are. But we easily forget this and fall into the trap of believing the lie. Enter the mentors…

Mentors push you beyond your comfort zone. They challenge old belief systems, patterns, and ways of living. They see potential and inspire those around them to put on the ‘sunglasses of truth’ in order to see the world–and ourselves–in an accurate light. So the next time you are searching for some truth, some guidance, or even a good push in the healthFUL direction, get your mentor(s) on speed dial. They may push you around a little…but know that the direction they push you toward is probably exactly where you need to be heading. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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