Day 134 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

INspiring Health

Life is often profound. Circumstances, people, even seemingly random encounters all seem to correlate; integrating life’s lessons and ‘aha’s’ along the way. Actually, what I have discovered is that nothing is random in life. Every experience, every friendship, every relationship gone sour, all play a unique instrument in the orchestra our experience on this planet. Today, not unlike any other completely intentional day, I discovered the Unexpected Health we feel when we are…inspired!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am inspired by many things in life. I am inspired by my family; the way my parents continue to amaze me by their giving spirit and undying role as “cheerleader,” and how my brother will call on any given morning to warn me about the motorcycle police radaring cars, ensuring that his baby sis won’t get a ticket. My friends cause a near jaw-dropping reaction by the inspiration I receive from their hearts and the work they are doing in this world. Nature inspires me; Hallmark cards move me to tears; even my dog causes inspiration now and again (actually, she is one of my greatest teachers).

As all of you know, being inspired has an abundance of health benefits: there is an endorphine-releasing quality when we are inspired, tapping into enthusiasm and energy we never knew we had; having inspiration in our lives creates purpose when we question whether we have a reason for walking around on this planet; and being inspired sets the bar for our life’s work, igniting a spark of motivation to achieve our goals. But the Unexpected Health in being inspired is that when we feel that heart-tug pouring out of our beings, we can be led to do wildly unimaginable, oftentimes thought crazy, feats….and acting ‘outside of the box’ is healthy.

Being inspired often eliminates the fear that keep many of us from greatness. When we feel less than inspired in life, we can find ourselves in a place of stagnation; of looking around at our lives and feeling that yearn for something more, something rich…something profound. Inspiration jolts us out of that space. It’s not that we are supposed to go through life constantly inspired, but inspiration and motivation, jumpstart times that need a push in the ‘health direction.’

Today I was inspired. I was inspired as a good friend stepped up to the ‘health plate’ of giving; I was inspired by the words of someone facilitating a paradigm shift in other parts of the country; and inspiration filled my heart when I looked at my plaque that reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” and my answer was a liberating, “Anything I dream of” proclamation.

We are often our own worst enemy. We can be our own worst critique, our biggest naysayer, and our toughest judge. But being inspired somehow silences that negative voice inside us. And if only that harsh voice is silenced for a moment, it is time enough to be witness to the power of possibility, to the potential we all have, and to inspiration. So the next time you feel a little stagnant–a little stuck–look for the inspiration. It is out there, ready to be discovered, embodied, and expressed in this world. Don’t be scared when you feel inspired…take a leap of faith and soar. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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