Day 137 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Roundtables of Health

The interconnected weaving that the World Wide Web has created means we get re-acquainted with long-lost friends through Facebook, join like-minded business communities with LinkedIn, and can chat, email, and IM with prospective collaborators through a variety of email services. Today, as I was checking my Gmail account, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in networking.

Now, there are lots of obvious health aspects to networking: being in a network creates a sense of community; networking broadens our ‘pool’ of friendships and colleagues; and of course, networking often generates potential jobs. But the Unexpected Health one finds with networking is that keeping in touch with people from all walks of life can pleasantly become part of maintaining the cyclical nature of our lives…and keeping our lives moving  in a continuum is healthy.

Today I received an email from someone I worked with in the past. I hadn’t thought of this person for a while but had always maintained a connection–a network–with them after I stopped working. As soon as I saw her name in my email Inbox, I had an immediate smile on my face because I discovered another ‘turn’ in the circle that is my life…a connection that I am quite sure will cause further expansion in my life and hopefully, theirs.

Networking creates hope. Hope creates action. Action creates expansion. Expansion facilitates health. The network that I had created with this person more than a year ago is now re-entering my life at a time I find to be quite non-coincidental.

You just never know what, when, how, or why people come into our lives. Sometimes they flutter in for a moment of time, eventually leaving, never to return. Other times, people blip into our space, and then make a reappearance again…at a different time and place in our lives. That is the beauty–and the health–of networking. The more we are open to possibilities, the more we take care of one another along our journey, the more we leave the door open for people to flow through our lives. So the next time you make a connection with another, be sure (to borrow the phrase) “to leave them in good shape.” Be gentle with people; be kind to those in your life. If you part ways, be sure to do so in love and with great care. You just never know when your paths may cross again…pave the way for a healthy reunion. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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