Day 139 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Pouring a Healthy Glass of Whine

I like to think of myself as a positive person. Now of course, I have my days when I see the glass half empty instead of half full…there are even days when I can’t even see a glass! There are times when the world seems full of opportunity, potential, and expansion, and other times when nothing seems to be going ‘my way’ (whichever way THAT is!). But today, as I found myself spouting off sentences of negativity, I discovered the Unexpected Health one finds…when complaining.

It’s hard to believe there is actually health to be had with complaining. For all of you (myself included) who has ever complained in the past, fear not…you have the opportunity to experience abundant health with your complaints. As unhealthy as complaining can be–the negativity, the pessimism, the intolerance–when we complain, we are given a choice…and having the opportunity to choose health in life is healthy!

When we complain, we are pointing out something that is wrong, or awry, with OUR lives. Our complaints may appear as if we are whining about a person, a job, or a situation, but really, all of our negative thoughts spewed out as a complaint are merely reflections of our own wants and desires. When we complain, we can use that as a verbal cue to pay attention to the deeper meaning present in our wallowing. What are searching for? What is missing?

A complaint is really the wrong “c” word…when we complain, we are actually Comparing. We are saying that we are not satisfied with where we are, what choices we have made, or what may be lacking. But when we find ourselves complaining, we are immediately given authority over our own lives to remedy the complaint we are having. If we are frustrated with another, we can open our mouths and speak our truth. If we are unsatisfied with our jobs, we have the ability to facilitate a more healthFUL experience or begin searching for a job better suited for us.

All of life is a choice. We choose what we talk about, think about, and act upon. Even when we complain, which is not the most healthFUL use of our time, we can experience health by taking action toward positivity, acceptance, and gratitude. So the next time you find yourself complaining, take a moment and consider the paradigm shift of perspective available to you. We are all empowered individuals, able to experience health…even in the midst of a good old fashioned whine-fest. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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