Day 140 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Health on the Verizon

At this point in our technology-driven society, I don’t know one person who does not own a cell phone. I know people who don’t answer their cell phone, forget to charge their cell phone; I know people who are always on their cell phone, getting off their cell phone, texting, emailing, playing games…you name it! We have become a cell phone-crazy group of characters. Not only have we become cell-crazy, phone manufacturer’s have created a smorgasbord of activities for us to do on our cell phones, which has truly created a phone phenomena. But today, as I made use of one of my iPhone’s favorite features, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in camera phones!

Now you might think that Smart phones has much cooler “apps” than its standard camera. You might also say that camera phones have created a whole slew of problems, which they have (i.e. cell phone usage is often banned in gym locker rooms because of the picture taking capabilities…not healthy). But the Unexpected Health in a camera phone is that your ability to have a camera on-hand 24/7 means you are able to capture ‘the moments’ in life…and being able to visually share what touches our hearts is healthy.

Photos have this heart-tugging ability to move me….sometimes to tears, sometimes to laughter, sometimes to overwhelming grief. I can experience a whole gamut of emotions by one single still frame. The problem is, who schelps their cameras around with them (unless of course they are a photographer?)? Camera phones fill the leave-the-camera-bag-at-home need. They are the best little portable creation!

‘The moments’ in our lives happen at sometimes the most random of times, in the most unexpected places (just like health!). When these moments arise, we can capture them, allowing us to seize that moment, take it home with us, and reflect back when we need to. Whenever we want to return to that time–that moment–all we need to do is scroll through the pictures on our camera phones. And to really spread the health around, technology has given us this amazing gift of global sharing…allowing our ‘moment’ to be another’s as well. So the next time you complain about your high phone rates, your expensive “smart phone” or the bulkiness of your new iPhone or Droid, remember that in your pocket or purse, you hold a little piece of health just waiting to capture a little inspiration, a little moment. Use the gadgets on your cell phones; take lots of pictures, send them to your friends. Let’s all create snapshots of health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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