Day 142 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

“To the Nines” of Health

I am a pretty casual girl. I love a good, comfy fitting pair of jeans, cozy shirts or tank tops, and I choose not to survive without my flip flops. That is the type of person I have become.Very rarely will you find my dressed ‘to the nines’ and that is perfectly okay with me. But tonight, as my friends and I dressed up for an overrated movie, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in dressing up.

Now of course, when we dress up, we can feel quite healthful: when we dress in professional attire, we often feel a little more confident in our adult bodies. We have an extra swagger in our walk when we are wearing a complimentary pair of heels; we feel a little more attractive when our outfit is an above-average ensemble of bright colors and original style; and dressing up makes us feel that certain specialness of an evening. But the Unexpected Health in dressing up is that when we bring out our physical best, we are also reminded of our emotional best…and letting our internal and external beauty shine is healthy.

Before I had my hair salon, I rarely dressed up. I worked in an environment and went to school in a setting that had no dress code except for comfort. Because of that, I got very used to wearing the most comfortable, not always the most flattering, outfits. But since I have become more in the ‘beauty spotlight,’ I have felt the desire to dress up a bit (and anyone in the “beauty” industry knows that you cannot run a business looking like a surfer chick). And tonight–on this Friday girl’s night–I had the opportunity to dress up again…to show off my creativity with my clothing.

When we dress up, we are taking pride in who we are…we are showing the world our creative gift of clothing compilation and color coordination. It’s not that we should aspire to wear suits on a daily basis (in fact, I think there is minimal originality in a suit), but when we have the opportunity to “spruce” it up a bit, we should take it! Because as we spruce up our physicality, we take pride in what we present to the world. No matter what people say, our physical presence in the world IS what we use as a canvas to display our internal world. Our outward care oftentimes reflects our internal care. So the next time you have the opportunity to dress it up a bit, do it! Take the extra time to wear a little funkier outfit, to bedazzle in a sparkly piece of jewelry, or to show off those legs with a funky pair of wedge heels. Show the world who you are…inside and out! -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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