Day 144 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Getting Into the Health Business

Medical practitioners are not the only ones in the health business. You’ve got your farmer, your therapist, your natural foods store owner. Then there’s the acupuncturist, the herbalist, and the health writer. You can’t leave out health educators, personal trainers, and spa coordinators, along with chefs, nutritionists, and nurses. But today, as I enjoyed the sunshine while watering flowers, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…landscapers.

I have a feeling that if you thought long and hard enough, you could find health in your profession. Now, some of them mentioned above are more obvious healthcare providers of some sort. But, many career paths would not necessarily be classified as a health job…but it is. Take for example, landscapers.

Landscapers provide lots of obvious health benefits to our society: they color our world with flowers, trees, and potted plants, reminding us that among the ugliness that surrounds us, beauty can prevail. Landscapers plant our earth with oxygen-rich greens that purify our air and contribute to abundant health. And a beautiful landscape is a perfect resolution (and visual) to a not-so-healthy mood. But the Unexpected Health in a landscaper is that as we see health with the eyes of expansion, we can see that “doctors” can be dressed in more than scrubs; they can come stethoscope-less, M.D.-less, and hospital-less…and realizing that healers are in “everyday” people is healthy.

My parents are landscapers. Neither one of them went to school directly for landscaping but both have been blessed with incredibly green thumbs (I haven’t sprouted my green phalanges yet!). Their backyard is an oasis in the middle of a city. It is serene, soothing, and in my opinion, one of the greatest “doctor’s visits” I could ever make an appointment for (actually, I am more of the walk-in type). I look around at the tranquility they created and I am reminded that not only is health realized in Unexpected experiences, but healthcare practitioners are sometimes Unexpectedly-clad as well.

I am in no way discounting the unparalleled skill of a doctor. Believe me, when I have children, I will not be relaxing on the grass of my parents’ lawn…I will be in the comforts of the maternity room at my local hospital. But when it comes to the less-than-critical times when a trip to the doctor MAY not be necessary, I take comfort in leaning on my gardening clothes instead of labcoat-wearing loved ones for support…because sometimes the only remedy I need is a healthy dose of outdoor beauty.

We all have the gift of healing. We can create beauty and health for ourselves, our friends, our loved ones; even complete strangers. My parents are landscape doctors; some of my friends are teaching doctors; others are design doctors…maybe I’m a writing doctor?! So the next time you question your profession, your calling, or your contribution to this world, remember that you are a healer. You can help create and facilitate health in anything you work at…what really matters is not so much what you do, but how you are being. –Until tomorrow, Jaime

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