Day 145 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

In Memory of Health

Today is Memorial Day; a day set aside to honor, to remember, those who fearlessly sacrificed their lives to protect our nation. I am grateful that I do not personally know anyone who has lost their life during wartime, but my heart feels sad today for those families who have buried their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives. But today, as I sit and selfishly enjoy an extra day of rest, I am reminded of the sometimes surreal, sometimes sad, but Unexpected Health, one discovers in…memories.

Now, recalling times of great joy, blissful love, and world travel is obviously healthy: these make our hearts happy. Memories of good times elicit a positive experience throughout our beings. But not all memories bring us back to unimaginable happiness. In fact, some memories cause an overwhelming amount of sadness, anger, and grief. There are some recollections that at times, we would prefer to forget…or to even have never experienced. But the Unexpected Health in these less-than-ecstatic-feeling memories is that remembering our past–however good or not-so-good–is part of our healing…and being present to the healing in our lives is healthy.

Today is a day to remember; remember where we have been, what we have been through, and what we have learned in the process. We have memories so that we are able to navigate through the labyrinth that is our life. Without memories, we are left with an empty hole in our hearts…a hole that is meant to house all of the memories our brains can hold on to. And even if these memories ended with an unexplainable sad event, that is just one piece of the story.

I think about people I have lost in my life. I think about my grandmother and how I will never pass a berry bush without picking a berry, eating it, and then remembering how I used to pick these little fruits for hours, because I knew the more fruit I had, the better the pie she would make! Yes, my grandmother died, and that is a sad memory. But my grandmother’s story did not start–nor will it end–there. When I think of her, I do feel sadness. But I can contribute to the healthy inspiration she was in my life by allowing her legacy to live on through me…and the compilation of all of my memories of her are the only way I can keep her spirit alive.

We never forget those whom we loved and lost…we’re not meant to. So on this day of memory, remember. Remember those who are no longer with us. Be reminded of who they were while living in this world. Think about the healthy contributions they made in your life and the lives of others…and remember that you are who you are right now because of the people and experiences that have blessed your life so far. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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