Day 147 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

So You Think You Can Heal?

It’s funny what makes a person cry. For those who know me, you know I have a hard time shedding a tear or two. But then, with sometimes the most unexpected of circumstances, I can sob like a baby. At times, I think my mood or emotional sensitivity is what the trigger is. Other times, I am moved by something I see, something I hear, read, or experience . Well tonight, while I sat and cried through portions of my favorite “talent” show, I discovered the moving, Unexpected Health…in dancing.

Just to set the record straight, I am a HUGE fan of, “So You Think You Can Dance?” (SYTYCD from here on out). I have never been touched by the compilation of choreography, music, and moves as much as I have when watching a routine on this show. Now of course, there are lots of obvious health aspects to dance: being able to dance is a great way to enjoy a a healthy dose of physical movement; dancing offers an outlet for kids and adults who prefer tap shoes to cleats; and dance creates an intimate connection between partners. But the Unexpected Health in dance is that when a dancer is touched by the moves and the music, a story unfolds…and being moved (at times, to tears) by the stories of others is healthy.

We have so many outlets for expression in our culture; for storytelling. Commonly, we watch movies, we read books, or we see musical theater when we want to be told a story. But how often do you watch a lyrical jazz or contemporary routine and have to reach for the tissue box? Before SYTYCD, I would have said, “Never.” But one of the few healthFUL aspects of these talent shows (and TV altogether) is that we are introduced to less-than-mainstream forms of emotional expression. We can touch and be touched by so many art forms.

In fact, these forms of creative storytelling force us to pay attention. We could say that we are inundated with technology and media…and that’s true. But we also experience overwhelming accessibility to be present to the stories that happen around us on a daily–an hourly–basis. So the next time you see a preview for SYTYCD, consider that block of time a productive, a healthy, way to unwind. I receive no endorsements for my praise of this show…but I always receive a gift when I watch it. And I feel it quite healthy to share a few of these gifts with you (see below). -Until tomorrow, Jaime

This is a story of about the struggle with addictions in our lives and the holds they can have on us:

This is a story about the support, the love, and the strength of loved ones going through cancer together:

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