Day 148 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project


I have never easily conformed into your average “business” attire…I guess that is why I don’t have a ‘typical’ career. I have worked at jobs where I was required to wear a suit every day. You can imagine how well that went over after a while. Now that I am versed in the salon world, I see a similar dress attire: black. Wearing black in the salon industry makes a ton of sense. Black is a very forgiving color, so when you splatter color on your clothes, nobody notices. Black is also very chic, so you can pull off an edgier, more glam look (especially with the right accessories). But today, as I waltzed around in anything BUT black, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in color!

I have talked before about color, but have only referred to the shades of wow! on a wall (for a quick refresher, see Day 24). And as stated previously, color has an array of healthy qualities: being colorful brightens any room, no matter how dark and dreary; color shows off a beautiful eye color, hair color, and skin tone. And certain colors are associated with very healthy, very specific life meanings (a little book on feng shui would be really handy to have). But the Unexpected Health in color is that a color contrast–no matter how subtle or extreme–expands our lens for which we see the world…and seeing our lives with a rainbow of colors is healthy.

I wore a bright red shirt today. Now first of all, I never wear red. I don’t know why I choose to limit my closest of this vibrant, very healthFUL color, but I do. Well evidently today, I was in a “red” mood. I didn’t feel particularly red, but apparently ‘it’ felt me. For some reason, I received compliment after compliment in this colored shirt. And at the end of the day, I sat and thought about what drew people to THAT shirt; THAT color. What I realized was that my shirt elicited a happy feeling in another….a sense of brightness and of being alive. My red shirt may have been a contrast to their otherwise blah–kind of grey–day.

We all have days when life looks a little bleak; when we walk out of the house with our zipper down; when we arrive 15 minutes late to every appointment, no matter how hard we try; when we make one mistake after another. When these days come about, we need a little light to shine in our direction…a little color to brighten our perspective. So the next time you wake up, “On the wrong side of the bed,” consider perusing your closest for the brightest, most vibrant colored shirt you’ve got…and wear it! You just never know how a simple color in your shirt can be the best pick-me-up of your day. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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