Day 149 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Nail-Biting Bits of Health

I like to live on the edge of comfort. I prefer to have multiple activities, projects and to-do’s rather than be bored from lack of happenings. Sometimes this requires a bit of multi-tasking; sometimes a bit of busyness; and at times, a bit of stress. But aside from some of the less-than-healthy aspects of living outside of my comfort zone, having my “edges” pushed is filled with Unexpected Health. Today, as I think about the upcoming events and endeavours in my life, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…anticipation.

I am loaded with anticipation today. I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow, three new stylists started at the salon this week,  and I am about to embark on yet another adventure in Jaimeland. Now, all of these could create an overload of stress and maybe to a certain extent, they have. But I thrive when movement is taking place. I very intentionally use the word, “Movement,” instead of, “Chaos,” because all of these activities and events I am engaged in are all happenings I am CHOOSING to be a part of…and making the choice to participate in healthy experiences is healthy.

Anticipation gives us hope. The excitement that anticipation elicits creates enthusiasm for life. When we feel ‘stuck’ in the mundane, we have the opportunity to anticipate what sort of health opportunities are just around the corner. Waiting in anticipation can be frightening; the unknown can cause anything from anxiousness to heart palpitations. But oftentimes, anticipation comes when we are awaiting to see how a choice we made will unfold, giving us the opportunity to be witness to the unfurling of our life’s plans.

Chaos is very different from anticipation. Chaos is like a tornado, making the world seem as if it is spinning wildly out of control right in front of your eyes…not so healthy. But anticipation is that ‘butterflies in your stomach’ sort of feeling; or like the wild and free feeling right before you bungee jump or skydive. It is that quiet faith that everything is as is should be but has not yet taken form. So the next time you feel a little anticipation, be grateful. Know that you are pushing the ‘edges’ of your comfortable life so that you can live to your fullest potential; your most expansive self. Make it a goal to feel a little anticipation every once in a while…or even better, every day! -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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