Day 151 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Calendar of Clarity

I have discussed the many health benefits of Fridays (see Day 44). I have attempted to shift our perspective to focus on the healthiness of Mondays (see Day 12). Well today, as I lay in bed after a day full of unplanned fun, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…Sundays.

Now some might say that Sundays can elicit a melancholy type of feeling. Many claim to get the “Sunday blues” because the inevitable placement of this day…right before Monday (but again, see day 12). And even though Sunday is considered the, “Day of rest,” Sundays tend to be the laundry, grocery shopping, and all other errands kind of day. But the Unexpected Health in Sundays is that this day, unlike any other, provides adventures at your fingertips…and having unchartered territories at your fingertips is healthy.

Sundays are a perfect excuse to explore your area and beyond. They even name car rides after Sundays; you know, a “Sunday drive?!” These days can be so much more than the last day of your weekend; and they can be so much more exciting than a typical to-do list kind of day. Sundays give us a reason to get in our cars and see the world…even if it’s just a new neighborhood. Think about all of the activities you could do on any given Sunday: you can take a drive; you can go away for a day trip; you can check out open houses (a fantastic way to get renovation ideas for your own digs); you can even pick a place you’ve never been to and go (which is what my adventure-loving mom and I did today)!

We have all been guilty of dreading the last day of our weekends. But while we spend unnecessary time and energy thinking about the finality of our weekend and the looming start to our work week, we are missing out on precious expansiveness time. Instead of focusing on what is about to end (our weekend), what would happen if we focused on what’s in store for us?! So the next time you wake up on Sunday with the disappointment that your weekend is almost over, remember that Sunday really is funday. It doesn’t have to be the ending of anything…let it be the beginning. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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