Day 155 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Nodding “Yes” to Health

I have a tendency to be a “Yes” girl. I have said this before. I can easily overextend myself, over book myself, and at the end of the day, be overly tired from all the commitments. But today, as I managed to juggle way too many tasks, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…being a people pleaser.

Being a people pleaser can be a daunting chore. It can take a toll on our health, our vitality, and our energy for life. In other words, being a people pleaser can be quite unhealthy. When we constantly try to please others, resentment and anger can build inside. We can neglect our own wants and desires, devalue our time, and put ourselves on the back burner. But as dis-ease inducing as being a people pleaser sounds, being a “Yes” person is Unexpectedly Healthy because the more we say “Yes” to life, the more opportunities we are presented with…and having endless opportunity and potential is healthy!

Let me clarify: I am in no way suggesting that we throw self-care to the wind and be at everyone’s beck-and-call. But sometimes, when we agree to be inconvenienced, to put a little extra time or TLC into something that we may not want to do, we are creating an expansive receptivity to all that life has to offer. Today, I agreed to be a part of an event that was not exactly what I wanted to be doing, but I did so because I wanted to be the best possible supporter that I could. As I chatted it up with various individuals, I realized that my minimal inconvenience was literally throwing opportunities into my lap. All because I was trying to ‘please’ another.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds, in our own to-do lists, and our own needs. And don’t get me wrong, there is great health in self-care. But sometimes, we need to practice a little else-care…care for someone else! I’m not suggesting we become a complete co-dependent society, but I do think we can tip the scales a little more toward community collaboration instead of individual achievement. So the next time you have the opportunity (and I do mean opportunity!) to help out–to please another–do it! Give someone the gift of your time, your support, your love…remember, the ‘Pay it Forward’ system is the best banking system we’ve got! -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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