Day 156 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Health Stations

My car does not get the best gas mileage. In fact, it’s a good thing that I do not commute for my work because I would pay a lot of money to drive around from city to city. Because of my somewhat gas hog mobile, I try to keep my driving to a minimum. But today, as I collected countless bugs on my windshield while cruising up Highway 5, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…car rides.

Cars, driving, and gas get a lot of unhealthy attention in the media….and rightfully so. With the oil spill continuing to ruin our water, animal and plant life as I write this, it is no wonder that excessive driving is heavily scrutinized, especially if you drive a gas guzzler. But the Unexpected Health in car rides is that when you have to be in a car, you are confined to a little box of health…and being enclosed in health is healthy.

Car rides with friends, especially during a long ride, gives you the opportunity to share your life. Today, my friends and I took a little road trip. Our 2 and ½ hour drive could have been a long trek. But instead, we took the time to listen less to the radio and instead learn a little more about each other…to share a little more about our lives; to open ourselves up just a little more.

It is easy to take mindless but necessary tasks for granted. Driving can seem like an earth-harming, boring job to get from point A to point B. But we can’t really get away from driving. It is not realistic to think that we can turn in our keys and never drive. So when we have to do it, why not make it a health opportunity to let others in…to create closeness with our loved ones? So the next time you have a car ride, make your trek a purposeful one. Create the environment to expose your heart and expand your mind. If you have to pump gas into the car, then let love emit out. –Until tomorrow, Jaime

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