Day 159 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Discovering Health Overnight

Remember when you used to anxiously wait for letters to come? I think back to my childhood and remember obsessively checking the mailbox if I knew a letter was on its way. The anticipation was nearly more than my impatient little self could stand! It was so fun to decorate letters, spray them with perfume (yes, I did that), and seal them with a lipstick kiss (did that too). I remember getting letters from my mom at summer camp, letters from boys I would meet at summer camp, and always letters from my best friend who lived far away from me (she was always much better at sending letters than I was). There was something so special, so individualized, about ‘snail mail’ letters. But nowadays, we are email, Instant Message, and text-crazy. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I sat down and wrote a letter (birthday cards don’t count!). But today, as I Express Mailed a very important package, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in Fed Ex.

After my nostalgic reminiscing about letters, you might wonder why overnight delivery services are so wildly healthy. Don’t worry, I have asked myself that very same question. Speedy mail and package services like Fed Ex enable struggling procrastinators…not healthy. Companies like UPS, Fed Ex and DHL feed this country’s appetite for instant gratification. And with so many brown, yellow, and white delivery trucks trekking around this country, air quality continues to worsen. But the Unexpected Health in the modern-day delivery service is that the faster we are able to send information, the quicker we are able to facilitate health…and unveiling health ASAP is healthy.

I sent an ‘Awakened’ package through Fed Ex today. I also ordered a health supplement, which will arrive promptly from UPS. And I received a ‘picture’ of health (literally!) from Air Mail a few days ago. All of these packages being sent and received are opportunities to share health; health information, health food, and health inspiration. I’m not saying that every package you ever send or receive is obviously healthy, but who knows what sort of joy or peace your delivery may be providing.

Receiving a letter is still a treat, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, we need to move the health process along. There are times when we need to put our health efforts into “overnight” mode…to kick health up to high gear. When we see an opportunity to put our ‘health foot’ forward, we need to seize the moment and not a minute later. So the next time you fret about the high costs of overnight, express, and 3-day delivery, remember that you are paying a little extra to move health at ‘the speed of life.’ -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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