Day 161 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Forget-Me-Not, Remind-Me-Always

I live my life by my iPhone calendar. If I lost my phone, I would not know where to go, what time to be wherever it is I’m supposed to be going, and would have no clue as to what the heck it is I’m supposed to be doing. It is rather sad that my days are directed by the ding ding reminders of my little electronic day planner. But today, as I had both virtual and physical ‘taps on the shoulder’ of recollection, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…reminders.

Now of course, reminders are healthy for obvious reasons; the most obvious being that reminders help us remember our schedules. This helps us stay on track, be on time, and remain focused. We experience health when we are able to respect our own time and the time of others. But the Unexpected Health in reminders is that tying that string around our finger of forgetfulness allows us to stay committed…and being committed to life is healthy.

I had many reminders today. Yes, one of the more in-my-face (and more annoying) was my iPhone calendar alerts. But every one of my ding ding reminders were commitment trackers of some sort. I had reminders about when to be at appointments at the salon; but these reminders help me keep my commitment…my integrity to create health in a beauty salon. Another reminder was to write this blog (yes, for the last 161 days, I have been reminded to write this…as if I would forget!), but this electronic alert sound encourages my commitment to write every single day about health.

Non-electronically, I was given physical reminders today. I was reminded about love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. As much as I unconsciously avoid these reminders, I am faced with humanity’s call to love on a daily–hourly–basis. Today (and most days), life would not allow me to avoid, judge, or separate myself from the humanness, the uniqueness, of all of us.

We are all unique clocks, and what makes us ‘tick’ is completely individualized. I set my life toward a specific tick-tock pace, and that works for me. But I need reminders to direct my attention less on what people are doing or not doing, but how they are being or not being. This is the daily reminder I need set on my iPhone every day. Forget about the appointments, the to-do lists, and the dinner dates, if I cannot remember that we are all unique and that our journeys are not on the same path, then no calendar alert can direct me toward health. So the next time you create a reminder, take the time to consider what you want reminding of in life. Yes, it is important to be reminded of your obligations, but it is even more vital–more healthFUL–to be reminded of your commitment…your commitment to expansiveness for all. That is the best reminder, the greatest aspiration, we can ever dial into. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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