Day 162 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Outspoken Health Advocate

Okay, quick show of virtual hands: who likes speaking in front of a group? For most of us, getting up and gabbing in front of strangers (or even friends) is somewhat scary. But today, as I was forced to stand up and ‘sell’ myself, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…public speaking.

Now, public speaking can elicit quite a few unhealthy reactions. For starters, speaking in front of a crowd (or even a few people) can send someone into a state of serious panic….not healthy. Getting up and speaking in public can cause shortness of breath, excessive sweat, even blotchy skin…again, not healthy. There have been times that I was medically concerned about some of the speakers I have seen turn ghostly white fr0m their fear of speaking in public. But the Unexpected Health in public speaking is that no matter how scared you may be to get up in front of a crowd, your words have the opportunity to create change…and having the courage to stand up and speak up for change is healthy.

Public speaking allows us to promote ourselves, our belief systems, our passions. When we have the opportunity to get up in front of a group, we are given undivided attention for which to relay whatever information, education, and inspiration we like. Today, I was given the “floor” so that I could talk about the healthy happenings in my world…in my business and my upcoming endeavors. If I had sat back and kept quiet, I would have been denying my community the knowledge and the resources I am utilizing to facilitate health.

We owe it to the health of our world to step out of our comfort zones; to stand up and speak up when necessary. If we are in the business of facilitating health, then we must be willing to walk through fear, to surpass mediocrity, and to open our mouths and educate…even if we are petrified to do so. I used to be fearful of public speaking. Now, I still get a little anxious, but I do it anyway because I know that what I have to say is nothing more than health promoting and life enhancing. So the next time you are given the forum to speak publicly, take it as an opportunity to share a little insight, a little education, a little health. When our intentions are clear and our hearts are in the ‘health’ place, then we have nothing to fear. So stand up, speak up, and elevate awareness. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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