Day 163 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Clean Bill of Health

Ahh, Friday mornings. How great is it to wake up knowing that the weekend is upon us? I love the excitement that Friday mornings elicit…what am I going to do this weekend? Am I going somewhere? Am I experiencing something great? For the most part, I try my best to plan a few fun (and definitely healthy) activities during any given weekend. But as I rose, with the cartoon birds singing outside my window (don’t I sound like a fairy tale character, singing the praises of a glorious morning!?!), I got dressed, came to work, logged onto my email and there they were: displayed in between my personal messages and work emails were unopened, unpaid…bills. But today, as I calculated and bill-paid my utility, cable, and phone bills, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…bills.

I imagine that bills are never the highlight of anyone’s day. In fact, I bet that there are a large number of people who experience plenty of ill-health when bill paying time comes around. But stuffed neatly in the self-addressed return envelope (making it SO easy to send your money in!) is that paying bills means that you are supplied with one of the very most basic needs in life like food and shelter…and realizing the opportunities instead of the obligations we have in life is healthy.

As I snarled at the 25 various taxes, fees, usage charges, and whatever else these corporations want to tact onto my bills, I thought about how any service costs so much more because of all these hidden costs. But then I had an Unexpected Health insight…I can afford these hidden costs! Yes, it is incredibly annoying to pay an extra $20 for fees I know nothing about, but what really matters is that I am blessed with the monetary resources to pay my bills every month; on time.

It is so easy for me to take for granted all of the health I am exposed to; I have a beautiful place to sleep, a reliable car to drive, family and friends who love and support me, and a career that is both fulfilling and financially stable…and pays the bills! So the next time you open your plethora of bills, remember that although it may be irritating to pay for unknown fees,  you are blessed to afford the service…and an address to send the bill to. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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