Day 172 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Sweat Your Health

My body typically runs a little cool. What that translates to is a never-ending struggle for a comfortable temperature in the car for both me and my passenger (I am a fan of heaters), the need to always bring a sweater (which I rarely do!), and a must-pack item in the winter: slippers. But now, the weather is warm; actually, today it is HOT. And as I painted the walls of my new upstairs office, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…sweating!

It is interesting how my body temperature can fluctuate so drastically. When it is cold, I am particularly cold. When it is hot, I sweat like an NBA player. But sweating has all sorts of health benefits: working up a good sweat means we are doing some sort of activity. Sweating eliminates toxins through our skin, maintaining the most healthFUL inner landscape of our bodies. And having sweat beads trickle down our faces means that our bodies are able to healthfully return to homeostasis. But the Unexpected Health in sweating is that when you are dripping with that salty liquid, you are are participating in life…and being reminded of your existence and participation on this planet is healthy.

I sweat a lot this weekend. I sweat during yesterday’s run and I sweat today while painting in the heat of the day. As much as I feel like a dirty mess when I am sweating, there is this gratifying feeling of happiness–of health–that I experience. Being able to sweat means I am able to physically move my body…a luxury that not everyone has. I can work hard and play hard, and having that opportunity allows me to contribute my gifts, my ability to work, even my sweat, for a greater purpose.

Those of us lucky enough to have full use of our bodies and our minds need to remember that we have these gifts not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all. I may have worked hard–and sweat–for my own betterment this weekend, but in doing so, I was reminded that I have been blessed with mobility. Remember that the simple things we take for granted are not experienced by all. So share your talents; give away the gift of a little time. If you have the opportunity to sweat for a greater good, do it! You will not only be creating expansion within your own internal landscape…you will be creating beauty–and health–around you. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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