Day 173 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

‘Meeting’ Health in the Middle

Do you ever have days when you look at the clock and wonder where the time went? I imagine that all of us have experienced this kind of day at some point in our lives (or every week). Today, as my day was filled with various commitments, obligations, and opportunities where I drove from one educational sit-down to another, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…meetings.

Today was a productive Monday. I met some interesting people, learned about fascinating products, and was enticed by new opportunities. Of course, as I have mentioned before, Mondays are full of health benefits (see Day 12). But when you add some mind-expanding meetings to an already health-promising Monday, you have a formula for healing.

But meetings can be associated with some ill feelings: meetings tend to be long and can feel like a waste of time when participants stay too long on one subject. Meetings can be a reenactment of the school days “bullying” system of getting one’s way. And a meeting can be so focused on the protocol that quality, inspiration, and innovation can be lost. But the Unexpected Health in a face-to-face is that meetings provide an outlet for sharing health at a more intimate level…and having a forum for health enhancement is healthy.

Maybe I am a bit bias about meetings. I definitely attend health-focused meetings in general. But I have found that any meeting about any topic has the potential to have health on the agenda. Take for example today’s meeting about hair color product: this was not necessarily a ‘health’ meeting (beauty, yes, but not specifically health). But what I found was that after the color wheel conversations, the buy-in product promotions and the horror stories shared about turning client’s hair into Bozo the Clown colors, was that our health became an unofficial meeting discussion. We talked about what made us happy (dogs became the center of that discussion!), what made us sad, and what sort of health activities made us feel alive.

We have this amazing opportunity to create platforms for health conversations in just about anything we do. It is not necessary to be in the narrowly-defined “health field” in order to have ‘meaningful meetings.’ As I have stated before, we are all in the health business because we are all human beings living and thriving (or trying to) on this planet. And the more we realize the health business we are in, the greater the opportunity to infuse health into everything we are a part of…we just have to recognize the health we are a part of in our lives (if you need help in this area, please refer back to the last 172 days…I’m sure you will find something!). So the next time you head to another meeting, think about how health can be ‘added’ to the agenda. Because in years to come, it will not matter what the quarterly budget was, what the employee handbook says, or what the monthly special will be…the only meetings that will matter in the future are those we have with ourselves NOW. These are the meetings that ask us the questions about how we are living and loving in this world. The extent to which we do these things well is the depth of health we can and will experience. So make your meetings matter… -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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