Day 177 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Sibling Satiety

Sa-ti-e-ty (n): “The condition of being full or gratified beyond the point of satisfaction.”

I very purposefully titled this last, 177th, post with the word, “Satiety,” because today, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. I woke up, went through my day, and continue to feel, gratified beyond the point of satisfaction.” And because of this amazing sense of abundance, I discovered the Unexpected Health in…brothers.

I say brothers because I only have one sibling, and that is my brother, whose birthday happens to fall on this very last day of my 177-day health journey (although my start date was completely random, I find it no coincidence that when I counted the days on the calendar, my journey concluded on my only sibling’s birthday!). I find the sibling connection to be quite fascinating. My brother and I are not twins (although people used to think we were). We do not spend all of our free time together, do not have the same interests, and do not always enjoy the same activities (he hunts animals; I seem to collect them!). In fact, there were times in our lives when my mom probably would have said that we had all sorts of unhealthy encounters. I always wanted to be around my brother…from the time I was a little girl, I loved my big bro. I couldn’t hang out with him enough. He didn’t seem to share the same sibling enthusiasm! But as we have grown “in,” our connection has grown strong; obviously healthy for both of us. But the Unexpected Health in brothers is that for me, having a sibling  gives me a piece of artwork of which to create my own “partner masterpiece”…and realizing the reflective power of your own brother is healthy.

Being the young (!) 31-year-old that I am, I have been asked more than once why I am still single. People say, “No husband yet?,” to which my answer is always some long, drawn out litany of why I am patiently waiting for my perfect match…which is true. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am waiting for that special someone I feel even remotely measures up to my brother…and my dad. They have set the “man bar” very high, and I will have nothing less. I am in no way saying that those who choose to marry younger than I have settled or that their man bar was lower than mine. I simply adore the type of people my brother (and father) are, and I want those qualities in my own hubby.

Siblings are  also the only connections we have to our family once our parents are gone. No one knows the stories, the memories, and the life you lived except for your brother or sister. My brother and I can call each other and with just a few words of prompting, can recall the same memory, the same funny story, even the same location (we did it just yesterday!). No one else has that incredibly healthFUL ability to remember life like the person who has shared it with you since the day you were born.

My brother and I are different and that is okay. I may not agree with everything he does, and he absolutely does not agree with all that I do. But no matter what, we are connected for life. We cannot detach from our oneness as brother and sister. Even when we choose to embark on journeys (like my last 177 days), we are constantly sharing one story; the story of our lives as siblings.

Even if my brother makes me angry, I would not experience this kind of health–this feeling of satiety–if he were not sharing this lifetime with me. And when I finally meet someone who I think is a good fit for my life, I will be measuring him up right alongside my one and only brother. So the next time you feel resentment for your siblings or wonder how on Earth you could be related, remember that the person who shares the same gene pool is a “lifer.” My brother has been with me since the day I was born. On this day, the day HE was born, I am grateful for his presence in my life. He is one of the greatest health benefits I have ever experienced. -Until tomorrow, Jaime


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