Day 100 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

‘Trip’ping Out on Health

I am pretty amazed that I have yet to talk about the health benefits of traveling. I know I have explored the Unexpected Health in being at ‘home’, even if you are not at your house (Day 19); I’ve delved into the healthiness of exploration (Day 31); and most recently, I reminisced about the benefits of mini getaways (Day 96). But travel, both near and far, is Passport-stamped full of Unexpected Health.

There are lots of obvious health benefits to travel: often we travel for vacation and vacation is definitely healthy; traveling allows us to visit old friends or make new ones (healthy? Yep!); and doing a bit of sightseeing opens our eyes to a bigger world (and we all know that is healthy). But the Unexpected Health in traveling is that when you get away from the consistency of your life, you are more aware of possibilities that come flying (or driving) your way…and finding opportunity in any zip code is healthy.

During my mini getaway last weekend, I had more time to leisurely read, think, and explore. I was physically removed from my day-to-day surroundings, which allowed me to experience a new area. Just like my obsession with experiencing farmer’s markets in various places (see Day 94), I also love immersing myself in a town’s festivities, events, and culture. In many areas, local newspapers, magazines, even posters will elaborate on the happenings of the month…and Boulder was no exception. And what did I find right next to the weekend’s event calendar? I discovered a magazine full of potential for creating my own passions.

Sometimes it takes getting away and a little R&R to see the opportunities back at home. It took me perusing the possibilities in a foreign town to realize the potential in my own. So the next time you feel the need to get away–to travel–be aware of what you do, what you see, and what you read. You may be on a sightseeing trip, but you may return with a bag packed full of ‘souvenirs’ for your growth…and your health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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