Day 101 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Health Bargain

Today was our much anticipated garage sale. At 7am, we were out and ready to face the garage sale world, full of bargainers and thifty shoppers. At 7:47am (the Craiglist ad said 8am, but whatever) we had our first customer. And by 10am, we had wheeled and dealed our way toward fortune…okay, maybe more like $10; but in that short amout of time,  I discovered some Unexpected Health in bargains.

Now, a few days ago, I talked about the Unexpected Health in garage sales (see Day 99). But today, while selling our treasures for a bargain price of $1 (or more), I realized that although we might sell our goodies to make a buck or two, what we can offer another is invaluable…and sharing the wealth of health is healthy. Today, I watched as one of my close friends sold his dining room table; a sentimental piece for himself that he was bargained down to selling at a below market value price. At first, he seemed annoyed that he had allowed someone to buy such a memorable piece at such a bargain price. To top it off, my friend had to use his truck to deliver this piece of furniture to the couple’s house…at no additional cost. After returning from the delivery, I was witness to a  person who recognized someone in need and responded accordingly, whether knowing this person personally or not.

See, when we bargain with someone else, we have no idea what their “story” may be; we have no idea of their financial or familial situation, or whether they may desperately need that piece of furniture, those items of clothing, those towels, sheets, or shoes. My friend’s bargain gave these people an item to help start over; to re-create a home that they had just lost. So the next time you feel make a bargain or are being bargained with, remember that everyone has a story. Your overly generous bargain may be giving another in need the gift of a new story…and of renewed health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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