Day 102 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Health Shoot

I wish I had a better eye for capturing beauty. I look at National Geographic and wonder how someone can be blessed with such an ability to create breathtaking experiences by capturing and developing a moment. Photography has brought me to tears; a captured moment has inspired change; and a simple black and white has spoken volumes to my soul. Today, while taking in beauty through my camera lens, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in taking pictures.

I find it fascinating what you ‘see’ through the lens of a camera. As I prepared to ‘shoot’ my salon, I took extensive time figuring out the best light, the most complimentary angles, and the most profound scenery. I asked myself, “What do I want others to see in this space?” “What experience do I want others to have here?” Taking photos forces us to look for the most beautiful elements; it literally forces us to be aware of the beauty that surrounds us…and being forced to see the magic that envelops us is healthy.

Even if you are a simple photographer like myself, the very act of taking a photo of a group of friends can inspire health. If you are like me, when I want to take a picture or are asked to take a picture, this usually ignites a glance-around to see if there is a flower-filled backdrop, a sunset, or a beautiful work of art to stand next to or in front of. Isn’t that part of turning an everyday picture, a arm-around-your-friend pose, into a captured piece of beauty…of health?

We are constantly reminded of the ugliness in our world; the pollution, the concrete parking structures; the garbage. But when we go behind the camera, our eyes are on the lookout for something beautiful, something inspiring…something healthy. Today, I saw the salon like I have never seen it. I have walked through the space countless of times, but today, with a camera around my neck, my sight expanded. On any given day, I walk in looking for what needs to be improved; what needs painting, fixing, updating. But on this sunny Sunday, I came in looking for the light; for the best way to accent the archways, the paintings, the little details that make the salon unique and eclectic. And because I was looking for it, I found it. Much like looking for beauty, when we look for sustainable health, we can find it. So the next time you reach for your camera or are asked to take a picture for someone else, consider yourself a lucky candidate for capturing the beauty that surrounds you. Because as you catch a moment and create a still image, you are giving yourself the gift of health…and possibly capturing it for someone else. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

…from my eyes to yours…enjoy some of the beauty of today and of the past!

If you squint your eyes only then can you see, that below is a place for comments to leave.

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