Day 103 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Healthy ‘High’

I used to be a questionably unhealthy adrenaline seeker. I loved fast roller coasters and crazy carnival rides; I even spent my tickets (I think it required 5 tickets and a height minimum) walking through the completely corny haunted house at the local fair. To my mother’s disapproval, I have bungee jumped…three times. I have had my eyebrow pierced, my nose pierced (twice) and have the cutest little butterfly tattooed on my ankle. Although the tattoo actually has sentimental value, the rest of my thrill-seeking adventures have been met with familial disapproval. But tonight, I received a big dose of adrenaline, the greatest ‘upper,’ and of course, the Unexpected Health from…getting ‘high’….on life, that is!

You know that feeling you experience from a healthy dose of adrenaline? You have more energy than you know what to do with; you feel elated; let’s be honest, you feel ‘high’ from whatever gave you the adrenaline rush. Oftentimes though, adrenaline highs come from potentially harmful influences; dangerous engagements, unsafe circumstances, drugs. But life and the people we are surrounded with can also give us the quick ‘hit’ of adrenaline–a healthy life ‘high’–and discovering healthFUL ways of finding elation is healthy.

Life can be somewhat depressing at times, which is why it is so easy to be thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and living-on-the-edgers. But sometimes I wonder if we live in that sort of heart-attack-waiting-to-happen drama because we are missing some needed depth in our lives? I look back to when I felt the need to bungee jump and I can be humbly honest and say that I felt anything but fulfilled at that time. So, I sought fulfillment in adrenaline. But now, I am learning that life, and the people I am surrounded with, feed my soul with a healthy ‘high’. Tonight, my ‘high’ did not come from a dangerous act of stupidity but from engagements with old friends, new friends, and soul friends.

Yes, life can be a downer. But life can also bring sustainable fulfillment when we douse our worlds with meaningful experiences, inspiring people, and health promoting possibilities. So the next time you feel the urge for a little adrenaline rush, consider the danger, the possible detriment, and the potential emptiness you may experience. Search out the longer, more sustainable highs that come from life and people…be a life seeker, a change creator, and a health promoter. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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