Day 108 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Birthday Betterment

Have you ever noticed that birthday cards become somewhat depressing as you age? You start seeing the jokes about memory lapses, sagging skin, and hair loss. But today, as I prepare to celebrate the day one of my closest friends was born, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in birthdays.

Now that my friends and I are no longer teens, it would be easy to dread our birthdays. As our age increases, so does our awareness about how fast life goes and how quickly our time here on this earth really is. But the Unexpected Health in birthdays–and getting older–is that as we grow older (I prefer to say, grow ‘in’), our lives continue to be filled with ‘lifers.’ Lifers are those special people that turn into non blooded-related family members. When we are younger, we tend to have more seasonal friends; high school friends, college friends, traveling friends, fun friends, sports friends. But the beauty–the health–of having a birthday year after year, is that you start to filter out those friends who are not necessarily meant to be by your bedside the day you die. Getting older gives us the permission to choose who we spend our time with, who we share our world with, and who we invite to our annual birthday parties. So on your next birthday, if you are feeling sad about your age, forget about it. Remember that age brings about a certain peacefulness. So consider your next birthday one step closer to becoming your most healthFUL you. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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