Day 109 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Eat Out, Health In

Sunny Sunday mornings are priceless. To wake up and have the sunlight shining through your windows, and then to go outside and feel the warmth on your face, elicits an incredible sense of health for this spoiled Californian. One of my favorite pastimes on a day like today is to take a stroll downtown. I love seeing all of the people out and about enjoying the weather and the fresh air. But today, as I took a stroll with some of my favorites people, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in going out for breakfast.

Now we all know about the importance–the health–of eating breakfast. This is the most important meal of our day; what we consume sets the tone for our energy level, our brain functioning, and our overall sense of health and well-being. But the Unexpected Health benefit of a good cup o’ joe and an egg scramble (add a little avocado for your daily dose of healthy fats!), while sitting outside at a breakfast joint (always opt for the outdoor seating) is that not only is breakfast a healthy way to start your day physically; it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a little mentally stimulating community time…and having a place to go that offers physical and mental health is healthy.

Today, as my friends and I squished our 7 adult selves into a table meant for 4, we reminisced about our previous day’s activities, talked about today’s necessities, and dreamed about the future’s possibilities. What a great way to start anyone’s day! How healthy it feels to nourish our bodies with healthy proteins, fats, carbs, and coffee (!), while nourishing our minds, our hearts, and our worlds with good friends, sunshine, and potential.

Although any meal out can have these similar health benefits, weekend breakfast time is Unexpectedly Healthy because it tends to be the time of day when most of us function best; so we can think clearer, dream bigger, and become greater. So the next time you have the opportunity to go out for a weekend breakfast, don’t pass it up. You just never know what a circle of friends, packed into a undersized booth or painfully small outdoor patio furniture, can create for each other. While you fill your bellies with food, you can be filling your hearts with joy. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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