Day 1~177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

The Secret of Sunroofs

As I was driving to work today, I came across my first Unexpected Health tidbit. I discovered the vitality I experience from driving with my sunroof open. OK, I didn’t exactly have the chilly morning air rushing through my car, but I did have the cover pulled back to expose the sky. During warmer months, I almost always drive with my sunroof completely open, letting in fresh air and of course, sunlight. Now that it is winter, I’ve kept my window to the sky closed to keep the heat in. What a waste! For those of you who have sunroofs, take this test: pay attention to the feeling you get when you have the sunroof open (at least the cover) and when it is closed. There is a distinct feeling of expansiveness when creating a little extra room and a little light in your car…and in your world. Even when the days are dreary, driving with the sunroof exposed can definitely lift your spirits. Letting light in creates health. Sunlight provides the body with vitamin D, which is essential for all of us. Heat lamps nourish young chicks, facilitating their growth and you guessed it, health. Light helps us see in darkness, both literally and metaphorically. If you are feeling a little dreary-as we all do at times-let some light in…even if it is just through your sunroof. And the next time you are shopping for a new car, consider the sunroof an option worth paying for! -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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