Day 12 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Weekly Wisdom

Mondays get a bad rap. This poor, innocent day no different than any other day ending with, “Y,” is the receiver of sad slogans like, “The Monday morning blues.” Even songs were created to mourn this seemingly dreadful day (pushing play: Manic Monday, Monday Monday, Come Monday). What is it that The Bangles, The Mamas & The Papas, and Jimmy Buffet thought was so terrible about starting the week? Que music: Mondays not only begin the work week…they kick-start any week by penciling-in a little Unexpected Health.

Mondays are the depressing reminder that the weekend is over, right? The alarm clock goes off (which I hope is NOT that horribly annoying buzzer that would start anyone’s day off wrong), we roll over, thinking to ourselves that only nocturnal creatures should be awake at this hour. We grudgingly make our way to the bathroom to begin our morning routine. Bathroom light is too bright for our sleepy eyes; bathroom floor is freezing; towel is still in the dryer from yesterday’s wash…but you don’t realize that until you’ve already showered! Oh to be able to wake up and have it be Sunday. How many times have you thought that?

But Mondays provide us with a clean slate…and having the opportunity to start fresh is healthy. From diets and fitness programs to new jobs and new perspectives, Mondays are the foundation for transformation–for bettering ourselves, our lives, and our circumstances. When we want to challenge ourselves, we start on Mondays…not Sundays. So, why do we mourn the day that gives us the green light to go ahead with our lives? As unexpected as it sounds, our health is actually enhanced because of Mondays!

Weekends are necessary; they are (or should be) times for relaxation and rest and time to catch up with loved ones and friends. But weeks are necessary too. They create much-needed outlines for our lives; weeks provide schedules to keep us focused on the goals and aspirations we want to accomplish. So next week, when Monday morning rolls around, try putting on a different life lens: when you turn off your alarm clock, sit in bed for just a moment and remember how healthy Mondays are. And if you ever run into a song writer, suggest they start writing songs about Tuesdays. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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