Day 2 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project


Today is Spare the Air day. In an effort to do my part for the environment, I ditched my car, strapped the running leash on my dog (of which I am still awaiting the day that horribly long rope trips me while running down a major thoroughfare), tuned in to my iPod’s random music mix, and away we went. The morning air was invigorating…a perfect time for some good old Unexpected Health revelations. As I ran to the beat of my favorite tunes, I couldn’t help but think about how healthy music can be. I stress the word, “can,” because as most of you know, music lyrics and artists can and have been associated with some devastatingly sad situations (take for example the song, “Dust in the Wind,” the song most played by people right before they commit suicide). What I mean by healthy music are those songs you sing in the car, in the shower, hum at work, run to, dance to, and most importantly, those songs that elicit memories. Music creates a perfect little moment for reflection. And reflection is healthy. How would we ever know how far we’ve come if we can’t measure it against where we once were? Music gives us the time to reminisce about past experiences, past relationships; times of happiness and sadness; times of emotional growth and physical changes. When we have these nostalgic moments, we have the choice to, a) dwell on the “good ol’ days,” wishing we were somewhere other than where we are right now; or b) realize that where we are today is the product of all those memories–all those experiences–that we are flooded with when a song plays. Music is motivation. It can move us from a place of complacency to a place of momentum. Music can (literally!) move us out of stuck places. So the next time you tune in to your favorite radio station, iPod mix, or CD, remember that music will get more than your feet moving…it will get your mind moving as well. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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