Day 20 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Keep Going, and Going and Going for Health

Nike gear shouts from the shirt, “Just Do It.” Chase Bank advises, “Chase What Matters.” Safeway provides, “Ingredients for Life.” And evidently, we’re all in “Good Hands” with Allstate. Corporations have been persecuted for years: the corruption, money-making agendas and oftentimes unacceptable working conditions have put big money organizations on the radar of countless consumers…and rightfully so. But, discovering unexpected health in the big, bad world of corporations like MasterCard: “Priceless.”

I am a sucker for slogans. I remember catchy songs, I cry at commercials (some of those MasterCard commercials are pretty priceless!), and I love nothing more than to hear a good slogan. But as I was listening to the radio today, I realized that although corporations may be riddled with corruption, greed, and monopolizing tactics, their slogans are unexpectedly…healthy.

I have crawled up on my soapbox more times than I would like to count, pointing my finger at how large corporations are taking over the world, putting small, ‘mom and pop’ places out of business, building on every square inch of the universe possible, and creating mass consumerism (remember my Costco rant?). These may all true. In fact, I am in no way saying that corporations are healthy. But, just like the birds in the Costco parking lot, it is possible to discover and facilitate health in the most unlikely of places…and the health in corporate slogans are no exception.

If you pay attention to common themes in corporate slogans, you will notice that they offer incredibly healthy suggestions. Consider these major campaigns: Just Do It. Chase What Matters. Ingredients for Life. Moving Forward (Toyota). Thrive (Kaiser Permanente). Moving at the Speed of Life (Shell Oil). Play. Laugh. Grow (Fisher-Price). All of these slogans encourage health. These corporations create snappy little slogans that we remember. The key is to remember what the slogan says instead of focusing on the corporation the slogan is representing.

We all need some healthy reminders sometimes. We would benefit from just doing it;  we need to remind ourselves to play, to laugh, and to continue growing our minds. And we could all benefit from chasing–or focusing on–what matters in life. It is easy to focus on the negatives in life. Our time can so easily be spent berating the corporations, the people, and the experiences that create dis-ease in our life. But what would happen if we actually took the advice of these corporations? How would our health change if we started moving at the speed of life instead of being stopped by the speed of disarray?  Health is ever evolving. So, the next time you hear a catchy song, a witty saying, or watch a memorable commercial, remember what I’ve said…health is embedded in slogans. Can You Hear Me Now? Good. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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