Day 22 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Take the Challenge

We all have challenges in our life. We get a challenging task at work; we challenge ourselves to train for a marathon; we have challenging kids in our classroom; we are confronted with a challenging person. Challenges are everywhere. And it is a challenge’s job to push us, providing us with a constant reminder that life is not always a frolic through the tulip fields.  And because of that, I find that being challenged provides us with not only a story to tell at the dinner table…it presents some Unexpected Health in our lives.

Challenges give us circulation, and being ‘stirred up’ in life is healthy. Have you ever watched a fountain that is not working properly? I have (being a property manager has so many ‘perks:’ one being the constant battle with the fountain pump). When the fountain pump is not circulating water sufficiently, the end result is an algae-filled pool of water set in a three-tiered pile of cement. What was once a vision of relaxation and soothing sounds quickly becomes an oversized science experiment on living organisms. All because the water lacks circulation.

Our bodies are over 70% water, so it is no surprise that we find health in something that circulates. Now, I’m not necessarily talking  literally about circulation in our bodies. I am in no way advising you to go sign up for a round of enemas (although they seem to have some health benefits as well). What I mean by circulation is the movement that happens when we are challenged. When we are presented with difficulty, we have no other option but to shift . We shift our physical position; we shift our eyes; we shift our perspective. Challenges remove us (sometimes gently, sometimes abruptly) from our cozy little comfort zones. And when we get ‘shaken out of our tree’–when we are challenged–we can either hit the ground…or hit the ground running toward a solution. We facilitate, promote, and encourage health when we take action in our life. We reap amazingly healthFUL rewards not after we continue to do life the same, but when we rise to the occasion of a challenge. So the next time you are faced with a difficult decision, a frustrating person, or a  trying task, remember that health circulates through challenge. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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