Day 24 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Painting my Self-Portrait

I am borderline OCD. No clever acronym…I am actually referring to the medical term that actors like Jack Nicholson perfectly resembled in, “As Good As It Gets.” I have a little bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Here we go with a little self-disclosure: I have to make my bed every single day before I can leave the house; I wipe down my bathroom sink so I never have water spots on my faucet; my dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets are always closed; and yes, I organize my food so that all the labels face the same way. For all of you fellow OCDers, I know you can appreciate what I just described. Today, my OCD kicked into high gear; but as I one-track minded my way through the day, I discovered some Unexpected Health…in painting.

I got the ‘itch’ to paint my office. Now for most people who get an idea like this, they may put it off for another few weeks or months; they would most likely go to the local paint store and bring home color swatches to tape on their wall to ensure they pick the perfect color. Not me! I had the idea and within an hour, I was at the paint store getting my color mixed. OCD? Possibly. But, painting has lots of therapeutic purposes: a relaxing way to pass the time; creates newness in an otherwise old room; signifies a fresh start. But the unexpected health I found in painting came from the color. Color allows you to paint your environment whatever color you want–whatever color resembles you–and being able to express yourself is healthy. The color I chose was called, “Kentucky Bluegrass,” so as you can imagine, it’s a BIG color! My walls make a statement. And that is exactly what I wanted. I have read enough about Feng Shui to know that your office–your space to create, dream big, and make a statement in this world with your business–is supposed to be filled with “power” colors…colors that elicit a sense of boldness. Well, Kentucky Bluegrass (turquoise, but brighter and greener) was my power color. And as I rolled the color on my wall, I couldn’t help but smile at its vibrancy.

Painting and paint colors are full of healing and health. When you put a fresh coat of paint on a wall, you get to express yourself on a large canvas. You can create the experience you want to have in a room. Obviously, Kentucky Bluegrass would not be appropriate in my bedroom because I don’t want that personality trait (you know, the somewhat OCDness) to be active in my sleeping haven. But in my office, where I want to write, express and be bold in this world…that’s the perfect place for a little BIG in my life.

So the next time you go shopping for a wall color makeover, consider the room you are painting. Be bold if the surrounding applies; be calm if you want to unwind, and create warmth in the rooms for sharing life together. Remember, the nearly endless color swatches at the paint store are there for a reason; we all have colors that represent who we are and how we feel. Sometimes we need permission to unlock ourselves, and paint gives us the stamp–actually, swatch–of approval.  -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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