Day 26 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Getting in ‘Shape’

I am going to start this blog with a little bit of ‘tooting my own horn’. I would like to refer my readers back to Day 12, where Monday was the Unexpected Health insight for the day. Yes, the measly start of the work week; the day that people dread, write songs about and downright loathe at times. Well today, on another random Monday, I discovered all kinds of Unexpected Health tidbits. I am not ‘proposing’ that Monday be yet another piece of unexpected health…instead, health is found abundantly in circles.

The shape of a circle is a meaningful representation of all sorts of health: it signifies an unending of sorts; circles represent togetherness; there are no edges in circles, creating a cohesive pattern of movement; and of course, tonight, circles meant commitment. Circles remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going, and coming full circle is healthy. It’s not to say that we ever “arrive,” but when we can stand in the exact same place and be completely different, there is substantial health in that.

One of the most treasured people in my world got engaged tonight. Talk about circles! A circular band of diamonds now rests on her dainty little ring finger (her setting is even circular!). We all sat together–in a near circle–celebrating  the newest chapter she is about to start in her life. But as I thought a little more, the health kept circling around my mind. We all come to a time when we can sit back as almost an outsider to ourselves and see how our life has come full circle. For me, tonight, I saw the full circle movement of my friend. When we lived together several years ago, she had just severed a long, unfulfilling relationship with her boyfriend. She used to tell me that living at our address helped re-build what had been broken down inside of her. So fast forward nearly three years, and what you will find is a person re-discovered, newly engaged to the perfect match for her, now living…back at the same address (but now below in another unit with her now fiancé). Physical, emotional, and spiritual full circles unraveled before my eyes.

Circles remind us that when we start on a journey–any journey–when we return ‘home’ (whatever figuratively that means), we are never the same. Life is cyclical. It is always changing, always moving, always transforming. So the next time you are feeling stuck on the ’square’ness of life, remember the circles. Today, this Monday, can be the start to your circular journey. And when you return, who knows where you might end up and who might be at your doorstep. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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