Day 27 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Having My Health in the Clouds

I have been told a time or two that I have my ‘head in the clouds;’ that I dream too extravagantly, think too big, and believe that the most grandiose ideas are possible. Maybe I do. But today, as I imagined big and talked bigger, I discovered some refreshing Unexpected Health…in dreaming.

Dreaming elicits all sorts of health: we dream when we are in deep sleep, which restores our body and mind in preparation for the upcoming day; brain development rapidly occurs when children are sleeping; and of course, dreaming allows us to enter another place, reconnecting us with people no longer in our waking lives. But dreaming also gives us vision, and having aspirations toward greatness is healthy.

Not all dreams are meant to come true. In fact, I think we actually confuse dreams with fantasies. Let’s do a little dictionary dissection: one of the definitions of dream is, “Something hoped for.”  Fantasy, on the other hand, is defined as, “Imaginative power.” We can imagine all sorts of scenarios for our life. But when we combine hope with intention–when we dream–potential can become reality. Hope is a turbo-charged driving force. Hope makes people do the unimaginable. When we dream, we are building the engine to transport us to actuality, using hope as our fuel. The key is to decipher between playful imagination and intentional dreaming…which, by the way, both are necessary and healthy for balanced living.

So if you are ever told to “get your head out of the clouds,” to “put your feet on the ground,” or that, “You’re dreaming!”, don’t take it as a put-down. Think of the time you are spending hoping in the clouds as time well spent toward actualizing your reality. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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