Day 28 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Growing In

Getting older is quite a peculiar experience. Our society frowns on age, constantly reinventing products and treatments that defy the aging process. But tonight,, while having an extremely overdue dinner with a good friend (which is also why this post did not get posted before midnight…one of those catch-up evenings!), I discovered some Unexpected Health insight…in aging.

There are lots of fear of aging: forgetfulness, wrinkles, saggy skin…the list could go on. But as I sat across the table from a person who has known me for many years and caught up on the last nearly three years of ups and downs in our lives, I could see, hear, and feel how much we had ‘grown in.’ Yes, we have continued to visually age–to grown up–but our minds and perspectives have grown into ourselves, and having the wisdom that comes only with age is healthy.

In other cultures, becoming an elder is sacred. Gaining wisdom through life experiences and then sharing that wisdom with others is likened to being a high-powered leader….like having a seat in the Senate. So why is it that we constantly try and reverse aging? Of course, no one wants to lose a youthful appearance (or metabolism). But as I discovered tonight, our conversation would have been much less meaningful had it happened three years ago, two years ago, or even a year ago. Our conversation was rich with insight, humbling experiences, and most importantly, perspective, that we had gained because of–not in spite off–getting farther and farther away from our high school graduation year. So the next time you worry that you are getting older, or already feel that you are old, remember that the wisdom we have, the insights we’ve gained, are because of our aging process. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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