Day 36 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project


You will rarely find me pouring over the newspaper or watching the 6 o’clock news. I find that most of the topics considered “newsworthy” inject fear-based thinking and living. At one time, no one wanted to open their mail because of Anthrax. Then we were bombarded with the terrorizing news that birds were going to kill off mankind with the Bird Flu. And of course, how many have already had their H1N1 vaccine? I guess I’m just thankful that the news actually informed us viewers that the disease was NOT caused by pigs, letting innocent little porkers off the hook (or the butcher block), and prompting a name change from Swine Flu to H1N1. But today, I was pleasantly surprised by the topic my local newspaper chose to write about, and because of that, I discovered Unexpected Health…in the news.

Today, I caught a front page article of one of my fellow colleagues, who is educating the public about the importance of a healthy home by using non-toxic, everyday cleaners like baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. What a refreshing topic to see in the headlines. Now of course, the expected health benefit to this article is the topic being discussed. But receiving a visual reminder that you are on the right path for YOU is healthy. I have questioned how I would use the education I spent 2 and 1/2 years studying. Where does holistic health education fit in to our society? Evidently, it fits in on the front page of a newspaper section. Whenever I have doubts about my career path, I can look at this article and be reminded that what I have to say is newsworthy…is worth a two-page spread in a major newspaper. My guess is that if you are questioning where you are but are passionate about what you are doing, look for those signs gently encouraging you to keep going. When we are questioned about our path, be looking for the answers.

Too often we are infiltrated with negativity. Our ears and eyes are inundated with depressing news about murders, child abductions, and politician and actor sex scandals. Leaders and heroes of the American public topple off their pedestals by the dozens. And of course, the news is there to cover it all: we see pictures, hear stories, see rap sheets; because of course, if it, “bleeds, it leads,” right? Let’s change that. I propose we inundate our local news organizations with the positives we see in our world; in our daily life. So the next time you see something healthFUL,  experience something worth sharing, don’t just tell your friend, your family, or your significant other. Share it. Write your local newspaper, call the news station…write a blog. You just never know what someone else might also think is newsworthy. Let’s change the old newspaper saying from bleeding to, if it “plants a seed, it leads.” It’s time for new growth. I’m Jaime Mitchell, reporting “life” from Walnut Creek, CA. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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